Vancouver Wedding Florist- Mini Photoshoot

I am so grateful for the wonderful people that I have got to meet that work in the wedding industry. Vancouver’s wedding community may seem big but is in fact quite small and is made of tight knit groups of amazing professionals who are excellent at throwing breathtaking events while having fun and supporting each others when help is needed. I have met and made many friends through this industry. 
While I most often shy away from networking events, often for being self conscious of English not being my first language, I have still managed to meet many amazing individuals through many events, weddings, or styles shoot collaborations . To me each event is a chance to see my friends and to make new ones.
Few weeks ago, a Persian magazine asked to feature our shop in their next cycle and gave us only few days notice to create new arrangements of their specific vision and send them the snaps for the publication. Due to the time constraints of being busy with several events and knowing summer is busy time for everyone, I was ready to just grab my cell phone and take some shots and send it over for the submission! However,since our boutique shop is always filled with several arrangements prepared for our next wedding, the lack of space for taking any pictures was becoming a big challenge. 
So I called up my friend Min from Infinity Luxury Linens & Décor  and see if I can use her  beautiful décor space. She graciously not only offered me her beautiful space and décor , but also asked our talented friend Kim from Kim-James photography to join us to photograph the floral arrangements. I received the beautiful pictures this week and am in awe of Kim’s beautiful work. I can not thank these two kind ladies enough who so selflessly offered their time and space in such short notice only to help a friend.
I love all my wonderful industry friends . All of them.

I have shared below few of these magical shots by Kim-James photography.